Thursday, April 18, 2013

NPS Prescribed Fire Kills Bear Cub

Black Bear Cub Dies From Fire Injuries At Shenandoah National Park

There was a 500-acre prescribed burn in the Jarman Gap area of Shenandoah National Park on April 10, 2013. Why they chose to do this in the month of April is beyond me. Many Black Bears are still in their dens during the first few weeks of April, especially Sows with first year cubs, so why set the forest on fire at this particular time? Waiting a couple more weeks would have been a much better scenario for the wildlife.

Two tiny cubs got caught up in this fire and were sent to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Sadly, one of the cubs died that same evening (Cub #13-0388). More info can be found at the first link below. It makes me wonder how many other Bears may have gotten caught up in this prescribed burn, and also what happened to the mother of these 2 cubs.

Interestingly enough, the Gasline Road Trail is included in this prescribed burn area - an area in which relocated 'problem' Bears are often brought to after being captured from elsewhere in the park. That fact alone stands to reason that a significant bear population exist here. Chalk up another grand idea to our local National Park Service - geez.

Surviving cub #13-0389 update from Wildlife Center here:

Prescribed burn info here:

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