Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Flexitarian By Design

flex·i·tar·i·an a semi-vegetarian diet focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption.

Black Bears consume plants far more than any other item in their diet. Although they are scientifically considered carnivores (or meat eaters), only small amounts of meat are included, as well as insect larvae (grub) which is very high in protein. Most meat is primarily composed of carrion, with the exception of Whitetail fawns in the Spring. Newborn fawns make for easy captures by lying still. However, once fawns reach about 10 days of age they change their escape tactics. When bears approach, the fawns will get up and run (instead of instinctively lying still) and easily escape. Black Bears lack the agility to catch dodging animals, but they can run pretty darn fast in a straight line!

A Black Bear's natural diet normally consists of 59% berries and acorns, 28% grasses and forbs, and 13% insects and other animals including carrion.

View a short video clip of a Black Bear (Sow) eating a fawn
NOTE: Some of you may not deem this clip suitable to watch, but it's really not all that graphic because I couldn't get out in front of her for the best view - didn't want to piss her off!

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